Why would anyone want to spank a monkey? They're cute and fuzzy and cuddly. We think monkeys are tops, and anyone who wants to spank one is in need of serious help. We hear about all of these guys who spank their poor, hairy little monkeys... we just don't understand.

If you have a problem with spanking your monkey, we have some advice. Perhaps you could learn to reason with your monkey. Positive reinforcement helps. When your monkey behaves well, petting and stroking are sure to encourage good behavior.

If you feel like spanking your monkey, why not play with our little monkey toy at left? Just move the mouse over the nice monkey and let the calming, swirling patterns erase any violent thoughts from your mind. That's it... calm... peaceful... no thoughts of monkey spanking.

Now, get away from us, you freak.

You are monkey spanker number  

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