Latest additions:  Sister Lillian is at it again, making a scammer from Amsterdam crazy over in Scamming the Scammers.

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What is Dumbentia? Well, to start, it's a combination of a couple of words: dumb and dementia. My trusty dictionary defines dementia as "loss or impairment of mental powers." The word dumb, of course, goes without saying. That pretty much describes this place -- a showcase of the humor that is continuously slipping out of my mind.

I started producing these parodies a few years ago for the amusement of my co-workers and friends in the computer industry. People liked them and began giving me suggestions for other subjects to make fun of. Since the files were created in PageMaker, they were usually distributed by photocopy and fax.

PageMaker allows the files to be exported to the widely used Acrobat PDF format. I've dusted off and updated some of the older parodies, created some new ones, and put them on this site for your enjoyment. I hope you like them!

Chris Condon
Some people ask me, "Why are these parodies PDFs? Why don't you make them GIFs or JPEGs?" Well, mainly, these things are meant to be printed and hung up on a cubicle wall. (My name for this is "cubicleware"). A GIF or JPEG would have to be simply huge to print out with anything near the quality of the PDF and still be legible. Mainly this is because in a PDF the text (even the huge text) is saved as text with additional formatting information -- not as graphics. Not only is the file smaller, but the text is more legible.
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